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How does the half past three puzzle break?

Le 16 March 2018, 03:57 dans Humeurs 0

  Data show that more than 93% of the public primary schools in Shanghai now have evening care services for students who do need, including two contents of "happy 30 points" expansion activities and school care. As the "menu" of late service continues to upgrade, more and more children are "reflow" from the training class to school after school.

  Po Lam Road third primary school is located in Shanghai Baoshan District, the children of migrant workers accounted for more than 70%, it is very difficult for parents to take their children home to school on time, but can only send their children to after-school care institutions. In February 2017, the school began to open the evening service from 3:30 to 5 p.m.

  The reporter saw in the school activities at 3:30 in the afternoon, extended to 4 points of the "happy 30" schools with school-based curriculum, set up a "ceramic workshop" "cloth Square" "string band" nearly 20 students like a baby Fang, equipped with professional teachers, students from self selection the school, class participation. 4 to 5 o'clock in the afternoon, it is designed to alleviate the difficulties of family pressure part shuttle opened "time." public school for Business Hours, leaving about 60 children to open the "small eyes" read the book "Pavilion" and "safe classroom" Powerise experience area, and left 6 staff responsible for the students roll, guide, shuttle and liaison, to ensure the safety of nursing work.

  "Parents have a temporary encounter with work, and we can also tell the teacher that we will put the children in the" close care "service. Baolin three party branch secretary Cai Qin said, hope that through the night after school care, let the children enjoy the experience, let the parents work at ease.

  In Changning District, Shanghai, a school investigation found that after setting up "happy 30 points + nursing care", 30% of the children went straight to the social institutions after school.

  "Happy 30 points" is a curriculum activity designed to meet the needs of growth according to the children's age characteristics. " Lv Huaqiong, principal of the first primary school of Tianshan Road, Changning District, said that students and parents can make various choices according to their interests, academic development needs and so on. In addition, dozens of interest courses offered by teachers in various disciplines are completely public welfare without extra charge.

  The Shanghai Municipal Education Commission said that the new semester will strive to achieve full coverage of nursing services, public primary schools, and encourage schools to open "brain holes", break walls and open doors, so as to promote the upgrading of nursing services and enrich children's time after school.

Celebrity Politics is a rare innovation

Le 25 January 2018, 04:47 dans Humeurs 0

On the occasion of the conclusion of the party's 19-nation victory and the faculty and students in colleges and universities setting off a campaign to promote and carry out the spirit of the 19 th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Education Committee of the CPC Beijing Municipal Party Committee held the "19th Plenary Session of the 90s" at People's Daily - Beijing University Students think politics class show activities. The teachers and students representatives from 12 colleges and universities came to the People's Daily Building. Among them, Guan Xiaotong, as a student representative of Beijing Film Academy, also took part in the activity and gave the students an ideological and political lesson.

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The film and television star as the theme of ideological and political lectures, college students and the community to bring a strong sense of freshness, from the content of Guan Xiaotong's speech, full of positive energy, and achieved gratifying results, which is the innovation of ideological and political lesson and try , So that ideological and political lessons become more three-dimensional more intuitive and more close. In the past, we used to make the ideology and politics class a closed "closed-door education", focusing on one-way instilling education and emphasizing teachers' authority. However, with the analysis of psychological characteristics of college students nowadays, it is found that instilling education and educating teachers by virtue of their authority will lead students to develop a kind of resistance and rebelliousness. Moreover, when we limit the ideological and political education in the classroom, we may form a closed educational model. While celebrities talk about ideological and political lessons, while narrowing the distance from the students, the ideological and political classrooms are more open to the outside world. The effect is naturally expected.

For a long time, the traditional ideological and political classrooms mainly through the teacher's reasonable approach, the affection of the educated people, the dawn of reason to carry out, the most prominent feature is the strong controllability, teachers can consciously choose according to the teaching purpose Appropriate materials, typical examples in the classroom for specific information on the education of target publicity, and promote the ideological status of educational objects, behavior changes. However, in the face of the changing times, this mode of education appears to be more and more passive. Teachers are getting more and more powerless. The interaction between subject and object in education is declining, and the ideological and political classrooms are less attractive to college students.

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The biggest benefit of celebrity class politics is interactive enhancement. As we all know, realizing the two-way interaction between educators and educators is one of the problems in carrying out ideological and political education. The traditional model of ideological and political education is more used by educators in the classroom to teach, the ideological concepts, ethics and other hard taught to educate people. This ignores the subject's status and acceptability of the educated, which restrains the educated's initiative and enthusiasm in the process of receiving education. On the celestial ideological and political affairs class, it creates an equal exchange and relaxed learning environment for the undergraduates, which can attract more undergraduates to participate in them, mobilize the enthusiasm of the undergraduates, make the ideological and political education more vivid and life-oriented, and is more conducive to college students' ideological consciousness Change, effectively enhance the effect of ideological and political education.

It is easy to see that the more vivid and flexible the method is, the more it is targeted. The more it advances with the times, the more it can be welcomed by educators. The increasingly open society also requires us to change the way of ideological and political education, continuously increase the autonomy of education, reduce the dependence of education, enhance the consciousness of education, and avoid the compulsion of education. Ideological and political lessons on the Star Inspire us that there is still a vast world in the methods and art of ideological and political education that awaits us to open up. This is the mission and responsibility that ideological and political education has given us.

Over the course 8 years, Multidrug resistant Enterobacteriaceae in hospitalized children has increased as much as 700% in the US.

Do not let utilitarian mindset campus culture

Le 26 April 2016, 10:17 dans Humeurs 0

This period of time, a lot of discussion about the campus culture. First, the selection of the school committee in a school, individual parents, "show" career, "show" education, "show" education experience, so that the commission became reduced to "show off the general assembly," triggering criticism. Later, some parents also reported that individual schools also made reference to the practice of students' parents in the course of student enrollment, placement and student officers election. To this end, many parents have called for the campus to be a pure place, letting "utilitarian" and "fame and fortune" stained the campus Sensodyne.

Behind the cases, it reflects the individual's vanity, the laws of education, and the destruction of rules and fairness. It also reflects the public's expectations of a good campus culture and atmosphere Sensodyne.

Although schools can not exist in a vacuum environment and are inevitably influenced by various cultures and customs in society, the school, as a place of teaching and education, carries a special mission of educating and cultivating the motherland and the future of the nation. The implementation of each activity is the practice of education, and all students will have a subtle influence. If individual parents' utilitarian practices are seen by students, they will inevitably affect their subjective choices and value judgments, which are unfavorable to their children's future growth and social ethos Sensodyne.

In order to avoid similar incidents, but also to pure campus, the first social need to create a good environment for the school to create a positive and upbringing of the soil; the same time, schools should become consciously practice and lead the positive trend of the body, in various education and teaching And campus activities, follow the rules of education, abide by the rules and regulations, eliminate bad habits; In addition, parents should be responsible for the future growth of their children from the point of view, lead by example, consciously become a good mood creator, the rule of the executor.

I have heard some students say such a thing, people are very inspired: Mom, you are not my background, my background is "myself."

Look forward to more parents to listen to the voices of children, with love and respect for the growth of children cheer.

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